external image 415%252BnVCVoKL.jpg&usg=AFQjCNEN4vOvvRJsFFjQ7DH9EZSNW3Qnkg This novel is external image Qffs+v35lers5GV4CMAM7IyNWY7V6nMn2wqvlVdXIIS1rJeYJ0jGvSD1XqdT0BNqabout three young adults that felt they couldn't take life anymore so they try to commit suicide three different ways. They are found before they were able to die and are now in psychiatric treatment. It talks about their road leading to suicide, the journey to recovery, and the bonds made while taking the journey. This story starts in Febuary but takes months for it to finish. There is still snow on the ground in Aspen Springs. Aspen Springs is the Treatment center the three young adults go to. It is out in the middle of no where and hard to escape from. Here is a page from the book to show you what these young adults feel like in the beginning.

external image pills_redwhite_wideweb__470x316,0.jpg&usg=AFQjCNF1Ed40MWtD1TX6sqnt_J5eTwQFHAThe first main character is named Tony and he tried to overdose on pills. Tony thinks he is gay but yet he has never actually been with a girl so he could change his mind. Tony's mom is a prostitute and had many different men come to the house everynight. One night one of the "boyfriends" raped Tony and ever since then he thinks he is gay. He is hooked on drugs and tried to kill himself by overdosing.

external image Knife.jpg&usg=AFQjCNH7sdTWbA09zrzq9np59GT3rkk5aAThe second main character is named Vanessa and she had a sum what of a normal life. She had boyfriends and friends. She had a little brother that was eight years old she lived with her grandmother. Her mom was classified psycho and her father is in the army so he isn't home much. Her mother was put into a mental hospital when she tried kill herself by overdosing and Vanessa was the one that found her mother on the kitchen floor passed out. She then started cutting herself and her boyfriend left her when he found out and so she cut too deep on purpose but her little brother found her early enough to save her life.

external image gun.jpg&usg=AFQjCNGeYBf0dApEeVikfOeyrPp7x-vXYgThe third main character is Conner. Conner is your average jock and popular guy in school. He has a twin sister that his parents love and adore. They want Conner to be as focused on school as his sister is. They continue to push their dream colleges and not listening to his dreams. He also started to have an affair with one of his young attractive teachers. She said that it had to stop because she could get in trouble and lose her job. He thought that they were in love and he when they ended he thought he couldn't take it anymore. He tried to shoot his heart to stop the pain once and for all. He hit a bone and left his heart untouch by the bullet. This and his mother finding him in time was the only reason he is still alive.

external image aspen_springs_3.jpg&usg=AFQjCNE8IzvGQ3PN17WJY9ikzrvJpPGQ-wThere is five steps to this program and the one question you want answered is will they all make pass step five? Step five in the program they go out into the wilderness and hike and climb to show themselves they can do anything they put their mind to it. It also shows them that life goes on and that their life is worth living. They all make it to step five and enter the wilderness. While in the wilderness to of the main charcters fall in love and one jumps of the edge of the cliff they all climbed. In order to find out you must read the book you won't regret it. The way Ellen Hopkins explains and writes this book has you turning pages non-stop! This book is surprising, heartwrenching, and helps you to apreciate life. Ellen Hopkins does an amazing job at making you feel like you are part of the story and making you feel like you can feel the pain and hurt they feel.